Osmo—An App for Early Education Curriculum

(Image credit: Osmo)

Osmo takes early education to a new level by adding the interaction with physical objects to personalize tablet-based learning. Built as add-ons to the iPad or Amazon Fire tablet, Osmo can stimulate critical thinking and accelerate traditional lessons by integrating a slew of manipulative objects for students to work with. After snapping on Osmo’s optical reflector, the tablet’s camera shows what’s at desk level so that when kids draw, play with tangrams or arrange letters, it all shows up on the tablet’s display. This interactive workspace has been customized by age groups with three models: the Little Genius pack (meant for preschoolers) costs $55.30 and emphasizes developing motor skills; the $69.30 Genius kit (for elementary students) works on skills like spelling, math and problem-solving; and Osmo’s $137.90 Explorer set (for middle schoolers) pushes coding and problem-solving.

Brian Nadel