Adobe Digital School Collection - supporting creativity and digital literacy

Adobe recently announced the release of the Adobe Digital School Collection(ADSC). This collection is a bundle of software for K-12 students and educators and is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Included in thebundleis Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and Adobe Acrobat X Pro.

Adobe has created theADSC bundleto help teachers provide new learning experiences for their students. Students can use the software to create multimedia projects and e-portfolios and learn digital literacy skills at the same time.

The ADSC bundle will help engage students through media and let the students be creative in how they show what they have learned. These tools can be used as early as 3rd grade.

When students use these tools, they have fun while learning, learn content, technology skills, digital media skills, collaboration and teamwork. These are the skills they need to learn to be successful.

Check out the great resources for using theADSCin your classrooms in theAdobe Education Exchange.There are 23 lesson plans, tech guides, user guides, teacher guides, and completed examples to view. There are over 36,000 members in the community and that number continues to grow.

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