Great resources for New Teachers - advice, support, and training

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It's always a good time to share advice, tips, and resources to help new teachers. Plus, these are all good resources for veteran teachers too!

Here is a collection of resources for New Teachers:

New Teacher Advice and Tips - advice, tips, how to get help, new teacher support web sites, books to read, conferences to attend, sites/journals to subscribe to, and much more.

New Teacher Orientation resources - what new teacher orientation should be

New Teacher Survival Central - great, free resource from Discovery Education for new teachers.

Helping Teachers Get Started with Educational Technology

ntcamp - New Teacher Camp conferences

131 Tips for New Teachers - great presentation of compiled tips, ideas, and resources for new teachers.

TeachOne - collection of great educational resources, including new teacher

My Favorite Resources for Teachers and Students

New Teacher Survival Guide from Scholastic



Welcome advice to new teachers

  WELCOME NEW TEACHERS As I was realizing that summer was almost up, I also realized that there will be a new batch of teachers to join our distinguished profession. So here it is, my advice to new teachers. Your

New Teacher Advice by David Andrade

I was thinking about the fact that colleges graduate next month and there will be a new batch of teachers to join our distinguished profession. I also work with Connecticut's Alternate Route to Certification program (ARC) which prepares people to