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Study: Achieve3000 Improves Students’ Literacy

Study: Achieve3000 Improves Students’ Literacy

A randomized control trial study conducted by Magnolia Consulting, an independent evaluation consulting firm, suggest that Achieve3000’s programs are effective at improving students’ literacy skills.

Magnolia Consulting conducted the study with third-, sixth- and ninth-grade teachers and students in the United States during the 2014-15 school year.

Magnolia’s study demonstrates that Achieve3000 users did better over the course of the school year and performed better than students in the control group on the GMRT-4. Across grades, Achieve3000 had a statistically significant positive impact on GMRT-4 Reading Comprehension and Total Reading when compared to study schools’ standard English language arts curricula.

Achieve3000 offers cloud-based, differentiated learning solutions. For more information on the Magnolia Consulting study, interested parties can request a download of the report at