Nureva releases Span™ software 1.1

Nureva releases Span™ software 1.1

Nureva Inc. announces a new release of its software for the Nureva™ Span classroom collaboration system. Span software 1.1, which schools receive automatically through the cloud, offers the following new features:

  • Press-and-hold menu gives students and teachers access to tools anywhere on the 10' or 20' (3.1 or 6.1 m) wide canvas
  • Improved inking experience and
  • Ability to annotate over images
  • Version 1.1 now supports the Windows® 10 operating system and the Safari® browser.

The software enhancements represent Nureva’s ongoing commitment to enabling active student collaboration through an outstanding user experience. When drawing and sketching, whether on personal devices or at the large projection surface, students will find the ink smooth and natural. As they collaborate at the expansive surface, up to 20 participants can simultaneously add notes, sketches, groups and flip charts where they are standing. Other enhancements in this release include new configuration options, the ability to add student participants directly at the canvas and the ability to create groups from personal devices.

The Span classroom collaboration system combines a panoramic projector with a 10' or 20' (3.1 m or 6.1 m) wide projection surface to display an expansive 40' by 4' (12.2 m by 1.2 m) digital canvas. Students create their ideas on their personal devices, either a computer or tablet, and share them in the cloud.


The new release of Span software 1.1 will be available January 22, 2016 at no additional cost to licensed users of the Span classroom collaboration system.