Exo U Launches Ormi At BETT

Exo U Launches Ormi At BETT

The BYOD teaching platform Ormi debuted at BETT 2016 in London today.

Created by mobile engagement platform developer, EXO U Inc. (“EXO U”) Ormi (meaning “momentum” in Greek) was engineered to minimize steps and eliminate common interruptions.

Device Management, Sharing & Ease of Use

  • Share to individuals, groups, display or the entire class.
  • Installs and works on any device in less than 2 minutes.
  • Collaborate through group messaging and sharing to personalize instruction.
  • Works with or without internet and does not require upgrades to existing connectivity.
  • Student devices remain tethered upon entry to the class – no need to reconnect and lose time at the start of every lesson or day.

Classroom Management With Easy Instructional Tools, Optimized for BYOD

  • Create new lessons or send existing instructional materials from any device, to any device.
  • Build or incorporate existing polls, lessons and quizzes.
  • Class management and teaching context engines distribute content to the right place, at the right page or point, every time.

Hands-on demonstrations can be scheduled between 10 am and 4 pm, for the duration of the week, by visiting http://ormi.exou.com.