Content Meets Technology Sweepstakes

eInstruction has partnered with Knowledge Delivery Systems to announce the Content Meets Technology Sweepstakes.

The contest asks teachers to describe (in 250 characters or less) the online resources they use that contribute to success in the classroom. The teachers’ name, school, grade, and entry, will appear on a Google Map of the world on the sweepstakes’

The mash-up of Google Maps and the teacher submissions is designed to mirror the creation of eInstruction’s new eI Community, a user community where educators can share stories, ask questions, access lessons, read industry news and much more. Members of the eI Community will earn points based on activity that can be redeemed for educational resources and tools.

eInstruction will select one winner from the following three grade level segments: kindergarten through fifth; sixth through eighth; and ninth through twelfth. Additionally, KDS will select two winners from each of the grade level segments, for a total of nine winners. The sweepstakes is not limited to users of eInstruction or KDS products. It is open to all teachers in the United States.

Three winners will be awarded an interactive prize package from eInstruction that consists of:

- Interwrite™ Mobi: The first hand-held wireless tablet system designed specifically to facilitate student-centered collaborative learning. The Mobi works like an interactive whiteboard, except you can carry it around

- 32-Pad CPS RF Clicker System: Used by millions of students, teachers and professors in more than 400,000 K-12 classrooms and 1,300 higher education institutions worldwide, eInstruction’s popular Classroom Performance System (CPS) provides instructors and students with real-time feedback on student comprehension during instruction.

- ExamView® Assessment Suite and Learning Series: The perfect complement to the Mobi and CPS, eInstruction’s ExamView Assessment Suite and Learning Series make creating, administering, and even grading assessments easier than ever! ExamView Learning Series puts more than 350,000 unique, high quality assessment questions at your fingertips, thanks to its seamless integration with Interwrite WorkSpace® 8 and CPS software. Updated annually, the questions are specifically aligned to core curriculum topics and state standards in five disciplines: language arts, math, reading, science, and social studies.

- Interwrite WorkSpace® 8: Used in concert with ExamView® Assessment Suite, Interwrite® Interwrite Mobi™, and CPS, CPS vClicker, PRS and PRS vClicker), Workspace gives you the means to interact with any form of digital content and really connect with your students. Workspace puts over 4,000 digital teaching resources at your disposal, from math to language arts, from arts to sciences, from K-12. But that's just the beginning. Add to that, more than 50 tools for creating, displaying, annotating, organizing, controlling, importing, capturing, recording, and sharing teaching materials. Perhaps most importantly, Workspace can be used with any program, content or curriculum you already have or may choose to use in the future

- Free Training, Technical Support, Software Upgrades: To make sure you gain the most benefit from your prize and start getting results quickly, eInstruction provides you with free online video tutorials and webinar training, as well as extensive technical support and help.

Six winners will have the chance to take graduate credit from KDS consisting of:

- A Three-Credit Online Graduate Course: This course can be taken from a regionally accredited KDS university partner. Winners can choose from sixteen available course offerings including Teaching English Language Learners Across the Curriculum, Challenging Gifted Students and Aiding Students with Learning Disabilities. Each course is available for three months on a self-paced schedule and is accessible anytime, anywhere. Coursework consists of dynamic video-based lectures featuring nationally renowned educators, interactive assessments, classroom-based projects, and discussion forums.

To encourage participation in the Google Map mash-up, eInstruction and Knowledge Delivery Systems will provide participating teachers with a referral bonus. For each teacher they successfully refer, they will receive an additional chance to win (total chances per teacher are capped at eleven per single entry).

All participants must submit their work by going to or and clicking the Content Meets Technology link. The sweepstakes begins on Wednesday, April 15 at 12:01 A.M. EDT and ends on Friday, May 15 at 11:59 P.M. EDT. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday, May 22.