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EXO U Launches Ormi BYOD Teaching Platform

EXO U Launches Ormi BYOD Teaching Platform

At TCEA 2016 Convention & Exposition, EXO U today announced the North American launch of Ormi, its new BYOD teaching platform.Ormi (meaning “momentum” in Greek) was engineered to minimize steps and eliminate common interruptions experienced by teachers when attempting to integrate mobile devices into classroom lessons.

The platform works with or without internet access and does not require upgrades to existing network infrastructure. Student devices remain tethered to the classes they are used in, so there is no need to reconnect and lose time at the start of every lesson or day. An activity manager enables teachers and students to immediately return to any class or content from the previous week.

Teachers can also use Ormi to create new lessons or send existing instructional materials (including polls, lessons and quizzes) from any device to any device. Its teaching context algorithm distributes content to the right place, at the right page or point, every time.

Launch day will feature demonstrations of Ormi for educators, distributors, and manufacturers at Qomo booth #635 on the trade show floor.