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Whooo’s Reading Adds Integration with Google Classroom and More

Whooo’s Reading Adds Integration with Google Classroom and More

Whooo’s Reading, by Learn2Earn, announces two updates to its platform. The company can now help teachers integrate their Whooo’s Reading account with Google Classrooms. In addition, it has introduced an array of reading comprehension badges that add to the platform’s gamification and blended-learning elements, giving students the ability to choose the manner and rate in which they master standard-aligned skills.

Google Integration
The company integrated with Google Classroom in response to teacher’s expressed interest in the idea.

Badges System
With the new badges system, every standards-aligned category awards students three different types of badges:

  • Focus badges, awarded for answering at least seven questions in a category
  • Mastery badges, awarded for receiving a “4” (the highest grade) from their teacher on three or more responses
  • Mystery badges, awarded for secret conditions that vary from category to category. For example, one category awards a badge if the student’s response gets one “like” from a teacher, one “like” from a parent, and one “like” from a fellow student

The Whooo’s Reading platform allows students to read fiction or nonfiction works while incorporating online game elements preferred by today’s digital natives.