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Dragon Voice Recognition Software for Legal Professionals Announced

Dragon Voice Recognition Software for Legal Professionals Announced

Nuance Communications, Inc. today announced the availability of Dragon® Legal Individual speech recognition software. Built with a specialized legal vocabulary, Dragon Legal Individual enables legal documents to be prepared by voice.

Dragon Legal Individual includes specialized legal vocabulary that was developed with more than 400 million words from legal documents and can automatically format legal citations to deliver optimal recognition accuracy for dictation of legal terms right out the gate. Users can create custom words, acronyms, or unique legal terminology to minimize the need for corrections, and can import or share these customizations with colleagues.


A pre-sale of Dragon Legal Individual begins today, with the software available for purchase in U.S. English from the Nuance Online store in the United States for $500. Special upgrade pricing is available for select existing users of Dragon speech recognition software. For more information, visit the Dragon Legal Individual page on