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The LAMP Introduces MediaBreaker 2.0, Free Online Video Editor

The LAMP Introduces MediaBreaker 2.0, Free Online Video Editor

Media and digital literacy education nonprofit The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) today announced beta availability of MediaBreaker 2.0, a free online video editor updated with a new interface, fair use tools, customizable media library, curriculum and lesson plans, and student feedback tools.

From advertising to social media, the 24-hour news cycle, video games, and beyond, young people live in a media-heavy world and are constantly exposed to questionable content. With MediaBreaker 2.0, educators can engage students with media and teach them how to think more critically about it, and the major social, emotional, and political issues encountered there. Users import copyrighted videos like news clips, music videos and commercials and use a suite of audio and video editing tools to remix them and insert critical statements.

MediaBreaker 2.0 also features MediaBreaker/Studios, an online education resource and learning platform built around the tool. Educators can create virtual studios, or custom libraries, of video content for students to use for creating ‘break’ videos.

The MediaBreaker 2.0 online video editor is found at