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Sibme Launches Virtual Coaching Service

Sibme Launches Virtual Coaching Service

Sibme has launched a new virtual instructional coaching service that, in addition to more traditional web-conferencing, allows teachers to record their classroom lessons and upload them for review sessions with virtual coaches.

The Sibme custom virtual coaching cycle typically lasts 6 weeks, but cycles can be extended. Sibme’s virtual coaching includes web conferences, video review sessions, resource sharing specific to the needs of the coached teacher, and weekly emailed reports with analytics analysis based on Sibme’s custom teaching framework.

Sibme’s iOs and Android apps allow teachers to use their mobile devices to record their lessons and upload the video to their cloud Coaching Huddle, where it is shared with their Sibme virtual coach in a private and secure area. The Sibme coach provides time-stamped comments, in a safe environment for teachers to reflect and receive feedback directly related to goals that were set in their pre-conference.

For more information or to request Sibme’s virtual coaching service, go to