Swivl Announces New Classroom Tools and Robot

Swivl today announced comprehensive updates to its instruction- and learning-based platform in the form of four new products.

These new educational tools include:

  • Swivl C Series Robot—the third-generation video capture device with multi-marker capability
  • Swivl Expand Case—a combination iPad® case, wide-angle lens and tablet stand
  • Swivl Practice—an app and online solution for lightweight video coaching and skill development
  • Swivl Present—a blended learning, presentation and telepresence app

Swivl’s third-generation robot, the C Series Robot offers twice the response speed and the ability to pair up to four fully functional markers. Priced at $599, the C Series Robot is available for pre-order online at http://www.swivl.com, and ships in 30 days.

The Expand Case, ideal for use with the C Series Robot and Swivl Practice app, expands the field of view when capturing video for instruction, reflection and coaching, and supports students’ use of the company’s video reflection app, Recap.

The Swivl Practice app offers teachers a new way to capture, reflect and hone their practice, as well as elicit feedback for coaching and mentoring.

Finally, set to release at ISTE this June, Swivl Present will equip educators to deliver lessons and presentations online and in the classroom, as well as offer live broadcasting functionality.

To learn more, visit: http://www.swivl.com.