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Today's Newsletter: Try Something New

How are you sparking innovation in your classroom?
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Here’s a big question: how can educators create learning experiences that not only foster collaboration and problem solving, but also nurture imagination and curiosity during the school day? It’s simple: try something new. An innovative teacher is a mentor, and allows her students to share their voices and become future innovators. Innovators make learning relevant, and they commit to sharing digital learning content and powerful ideas for improving teaching and learning. So, how can you bring innovation into your classroom? One way is through coding. Technology theorists predict that the need for computer science literacy will be essential for careers of the future. But a 2015 Gallup poll of students states that only 52% “say computer science is taught as part of other classes at their school,” and the stats worsen for low-income environments. The “Hour of Code” is during Computer Science week in December, but it doesn’t have to stop with just an hour. resources are available 365 days a year, and many schools are focusing on ways to go beyond just the hour of code through simple programs like Google CS First, and coding programs geared towards girls like Made with Code. Innovative educators have amazing stories of how they've transformed learning—so how are you sparking innovation in your classroom?