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New Book Explores Role of Drones in Classroom Learning

New Book Explores Role of Drones in Classroom Learning

A new book from the International Society for Education (ISTE®) shows how educators can use drones to help student learning take flight. Drones in Education: Let Your Students' Imaginations Soarwas written for educators who want to know more about the advantages incorporating drones can have on the effectiveness and appeal of their curriculum.

Authors Chris Carnahan, Laura Zieger and Kimberly Crowley provide information teachers need to know to get a drone program off the ground at their schools. The book begins by examining the motivation for using drones in education and exploring inspirational stories of pioneering teachers who have used drones in their own instruction. As a practical guide, the book also offers information about the nitty-gritty laws and ethical issues surrounding drones, and guidance about how to determine which drone is right for your curriculum based on setting (classroom, gymnasium, playground), varying student ages and technical expertise.

The authors have designed a model for classroom implementation: SOAR (Safety, Operation, Active-learning, Research), as well as cross-curricular lesson plans that offer creative drone-based projects appropriate for English, math, science and physical education courses, and extracurricular activities.