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Classworks Adds Integrated Reading and Applied Mathematics

Classworks Adds Integrated Reading and Applied Mathematics

Integrated Reading and Applied Mathematics, Classworks' newest classroom instruction for grades K-8, offer elements teachers need to build standards-based lesson plans that integrate their classroom technology.

"Previously, I used Classworks to close skill gaps so my students were ready to grasp on-grade level concepts. They would work independently and with me in the lab," says, Jaqueline Metcaff, fifth grade teacher, Rehobeth Elementary School. "Now, I'm using Classworks Applied Math in my classroom weekly. My students love using technology, and I have the confidence that they are engaged with online lessons that support learning at deeper levels."

"I recently observed a teacher conducting a close read with her class. First graders on their iPads, highlighting the main idea, using the dictionary tool to look up vocabulary words, and excitedly shouting out answers to the text-dependent questions – that's what it's all about!" Judy Teevan, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Classworks, shared. "We listened when teachers said they were spending too much time searching for credible resources."

To learn more, read the Applied Math Effectiveness Study.