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MindPlay Literacy Online Solution Launched

MindPlay Literacy Online Solution Launched

The newly launched MindPlay Literacy program integrates the flagship MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach with the MindPlay Diagnostic Universal Screener, and MindPlay Fluency, focusing on fluency and comprehension instruction. MindPlay Literacy analyzes skill gaps and assigns and monitors a customized learning pathway through appropriate lesson modules. Modules are multi-sensory to appeal to a range of learning styles and include benchmark assessments. They are designed to meet the needs of Tier I, Tier II and Tier III students from K through 12th grade.

Each instructional component consists of lessons that include listening (auditory), reading (visual), and writing (kinesthetic), with such authentic exercises as persuasive and compare-and-contrast essays, business letter writing and other activities that align with most English language arts standards, as appropriate to grade level. Flexible online access allows students to take advantage of expanded learning opportunities outside of classroom hours, and encourages parent involvement in their children’s progress.

The Teacher Companion and Understanding Dyslexia educate and reinforce teachers’ knowledge of reading instruction. These programs allow for convenient, self-paced teacher professional development.

MindPlay Literacy is available online now to schools and school districts by subscription. Pricing is as low as $29 a student per year. Visit to learn about research done using MindPlay.