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Ricoh Announces New Interactive Whiteboard

Ricoh Announces New Interactive Whiteboard

Ricoh has announced a new collaboration solution, the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D8400, which can host up to 400 attendees via 20 connected IFPDs and 20 connected devices – including laptops, phones, tablets, and projectors.

Key features include:

  • Share and print annotated pages or files from meetings and collaboration sessions
  • Password-protect files for document security
  • Use the interactive flat panel display as the core of the remote collaboration experience when networked with other sources and projectors to display the same image to other devices, or images from other network sources.
  • Control within your larger AV environment via Crestron systems correspondence.

The RICOH D8400 is available now at a suggested retail price of $13,715 for the RICOH D8400 TouchPanel configuration without a controller and $16,435 for the RICOH D8400 TouchPanel (Business Edition) with controller. These optional accessories are also available: Pen Sensor Kit ($315) and collaboration/remote license ($1,200).