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EXO U to Launch Ormiboard Visual Creation Software at ISTE 2016

EXO U to Launch Ormiboard Visual Creation Software at ISTE 2016

At ISTE 2016, EXO U Inc. will launch Ormiboard, a front-of-class visual creation and collaboration tool. Ormiboard allows teachers and students to build lessons, activities, and interactive games for use in any classroom that has displays and/or mobile devices.

Teachers can integrate Ormiboard with Google Classroom, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and other common resources. Lessons are assigned links and can be sent to students using Google Classroom. Ormiboard users can also share their creations with anyone, anywhere through an online marketplace.

Ormiboard comes preloaded with an expanding database of searchable lessons and activities including quick quizzes, click-and-drag assignments, games, and exams. Teachers can create their own games and lessons, or give students the power to design their own. For those interested in creating advanced animations and personalized lessons, games, and more, Ormiboard Academy offers a series of 30-45 minute basic Javascript lessons for teachers and students (grades 4–12).

A limited evaluation trial is available at ISTE participants can see Ormiboard in person by visiting EXO U’s partner booths 3928 or 204, or by requesting a demonstration at