Tech & Learning Launches Enhanced Social Media Hub For ISTE 2016

Tech & Learning Launches Enhanced Social Media Hub For ISTE 2016

Tech & Learning (T&L), the professional learning resource for K-12 Ed Tech since 1980, has announced an enhanced version of Tech & Learning’s Live @ ISTE social media hub where editors will curate in real time the hottest social media posts and trending comments before, during, and after the ISTE 2016 Show, which takes place June 26 to June 29 in Denver. ISTE is the largest K-12 Ed Tech show in the U.S.

The social media hub ( is available now through July to attendees at the show and anyone attempting to follow the show remotely, and has been specially designed for high performance on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. In addition to their own analysis and posts, Tech & Learning editors will curate the most interesting and informative social posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, and most any other social feed that Ed Tech opinion leaders use to discuss what’s happening at the show.

Among the new features of the Live @ ISTE hub this year are preshow video interviews of Tech & Learning content director Kevin Hogan with key ISTE presenters and T&L advisers who are previewing the show in special video “sneak peeks.” In addition, Tech & Learning is presenting a version of the hub on its home page and sending regular email blasts that highlight the top 5 trending stories of the day to drive more attention and visibility to the hub.

Live @ ISTE 2016 is co-sponsored by Dell and Microsoft, and the Dell Education social media feed is exclusively featured on the site.

“Curating all the meaningful social media posts before, during, and after the show gives the Ed Tech community the ability to instantly catch up on the hot ideas, new technology, and sometimes just wacky happenings at Ed Tech’s largest U.S. show,” says Kevin Hogan, content director, Tech & Learning. “We’re choosing the best posts from the key opinion leaders and highlighting them for viewers. And during ISTE we’re also livestreaming interviews with keynote speakers and others on the site.”

Tech & Learning will use this social media hub platform to cover other industry events such as the School CIO Summit and Tech & Learning Live’s regional one-day conferences for Ed Tech leaders.

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