Survey Shows Parent/Teacher Disconnect

Survey Shows Parent/Teacher Disconnect

Teacher survey results released today by ClassTag show that even though teachers understand the value of strong family and home support for learning, teachers are discouraged by the lack of family support and engagement and few have taken significant steps to improve it.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • 40% of surveyed teachers said “a supportive family” was the “number one factor in achieving student success.”
  • “Supportive family” ranked higher than “teacher skill” (33%) and “school supplies/resources” (12%) as the leading success factors.
  • Teachers estimated that more than half of their students’ parents (56%) were not fully engaged in classroom activities and progress.
  • A majority of teachers (53%) reported negative feelings such as “sad” or “frustrated” or “extremely discouraged” by the lack of parent engagement in their classrooms.

ClassTag commissioned the survey in part to demonstrate new tools for teachers and parents to stay connected with the classroom. ClassTag helps teachers:

  • Set and manage high and clear expectations with parents
  • Move from transactional engagement to relationship-building activities
  • Create simple ways for parents to support learning