Today's Newsletter: Is Your School Ready to #GoOpen?

The buzz about open resources seems to be growing.
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The buzz about open resources seems to be growing. California just joined the 15 other states to launch statewide #GoOpen initiatives Almost 40 community colleges have made commitments to establish entire degree programs based solely on OER, and 12 Pennsylvania districts met recently to explore potential benefits of using open ed resources. Open ed resources abound, especially since Amazon joined the movement this summer, but that doesn’t mean everyone is on board. “My concern is that we’ve exchanged one monopoly for another,” writes blogger Brandon Dorman. In a recent T&L poll, 64% of our respondents were not familiar with the DOE’s#GoOpen initiative. Want to learn more? Join us forT&L Live Princeton on October 21, where the DOE’s former Chief Open Education Advisor, Andrew Marcinek, will offer insights into the initiative, and districts will share their stories in the “Why #GoOpen?” panel. Have an#OpenEd story to share? Email me at - Christine Weiser, Executive Editor



Today's Newsletter:  Khan Goes Brick & Mortar promo image

Today's Newsletter: Khan Goes Brick & Mortar

“We view the virtual as something that can empower the physical — that if students can get lectures at their own time and pace, they can get exercises, they can have a programming platform, that doesn't mean that the classroom gets replaced; it means the classroom gets liberated.”