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Microsoft, Booktrack Partner to Expand Access

Microsoft, Booktrack Partner to Expand Access

Microsoft announces a new collaboration with Booktrack, a reading technology platform that synchronizes movie-style soundtracks of music and ambient audio (no spoken words) to eBooks and Audiobooks, creating an immersive reading experience that may increase students' comprehension, retention and reading satisfaction.

Students can choose from a large selection of books or write their own, add a soundtrack, and then publish their booktracked story for their classmates to read.

Booktrack has implemented Microsoft’s single sign-on technology, and will provide integration with Microsoft Office 365 for the Booktrack Classroom platform. The integration will also make Booktrack Classroom accessible to the nearly 1.5 million educators from 235 countries who are members of the Microsoft Educator Network.

For more information, or to try Booktrack and Booktrack Classroom, visit /