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Ideaphora Launches Online Concept Mapping

Ideaphora Launches Online Concept Mapping

Today Ideaphora launches its online concept mapping environment for classroom use.

Ideaphora Classroom helps educators to apply concept mapping to digital content. Teachers can assign resources or allow students to identify their own to use in their maps for various learning activities across the school curriculum: note-taking, brainstorming, research, reinforcing a lesson, or introducing a new topic. Features include:

  • Simplified platform featuring content presented side-by-side the mapping area with tools to focus student thinking and learning
  • Drag-and-drop keywords and images
  • Library of vetted open education resources and the ability to upload third-party materials
  • Playback buttons
  • Easy set up through an educators’ Google Classroom or Edmodo account or directly through Ideaphora
  • Privacy/safety controls for teachers to set
  • Teacher-student workflow
  • Flexible platform

Ideaphora Classroom is available for purchase through the Ideaphora website or by contacting Educators interested in evaluating the product with their students can enroll in the free Classroom Pilot Program. To learn more, visit