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Nebraska District Expands Partnership With Discovery Education

Nebraska District Expands Partnership With Discovery Education

Nebraska’s Schuyler Community Schools today announced an expansion of its three-year partnership with Discovery Education, provider of digital content and professional development for K-12 classrooms. The latest phase of this collaboration focuses on professional development and will provide eight educators from Schuyler Central High School the opportunity to participate in Discovery Education’s Digital Leader Corpsinitiative.

Featuring a combination of professional learning, pedagogy and tools, Digital Leader Corps offers participating educators approaches to integrating educational technologies and digital media into classroom instruction. These approaches are then practiced in educator created, student-centered Learning Labs. In these labs, teachers practice and adapt their new skills in a classroom setting before sharing their successes broadly with their colleagues. The Digital Leader Corps program provides teachers with ongoing modeling, coaching and feedback from Discovery Education experts in the pre-planning, stakeholder communications and implementation phases.

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