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Union City District Supports Student-Driven Learning Through Making

Union City District Supports Student-Driven Learning Through Making

Makerspaces are expected to reach accelerated classroom adoption in less than one year, according to the K-12 Edition of the 2016 New Media Consortium Horizon Report. As educators continue to embrace a transformative shift in classroom instruction and design, the Union City School District in New Jersey pioneers district-wide STEAM curriculum through the integration of 3D printing technology with the Dremel Idea Builder.

As a Title 1 district with 98 percent minority enrollment and nationally known for an above-average graduation rate, UCSD leaders credit much of the district’s success to a mission for technology equity. Marcos Navas, a Dremel Idea Builder Ambassador and technology facilitator at UCSD, scales a design-thinking model to work within the district’s number of STEAM initiatives. From project-based lessons in STEAM curriculum to summer-long STEAM camps, Navas facilitates “making” in projects big and small.

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