Survey Reveals Surprising Insights About Classroom EdTech

Survey Reveals Surprising Insights About Classroom EdTech

Quizlet has released the results of an online survey of 12,525 students and 10,800 teachers to learn more about their preferences and perceptions about the use of educational technology inside and outside the classroom.

Quizlet asked respondents about their use of technology in teaching and learning -- including tablets, computers, apps and websites. Overall, the results reveal a trend of teachers being more likely to view edtech apps as a good use of time in the classroom than students, and of Gen Z students being more positive on in-classroom technology than edtech apps they use at home, when compared to Millennial students.

Highlights include:

  • Teachers are 32% more likely than students to say learning tech is a good use of classroom time.
  • 80% of teachers say apps in class make learning more fun, but only 51% of students do.
  • Gen Z students are 24% more likely to say that tech in the classroom makes learning more fun than Millennials.
  • Yet Gen Z students are ~6% less likely to say learning apps used at home help them learn.

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