Free Lesson Plans For 3D Printing Announced

Free Lesson Plans For 3D Printing Announced

Quick Projects from Thingiverse Education offers educators a variety of free lessons, from designing art sculptures to creating decoder rings. Each project includes a full lesson plan that’s approved for a variety of state learning standards. Below are five Thingiverse lesson plans that most classrooms can finish in two days or less.

Each lesson plan includes step-by-step instructions for a 3D printing project that’s approved for certain learning standards. Many projects include a grading rubric, reflection questions, requirements sheets, and more.

1. Lead a Group of Speedy Architects: Challenge students to design their own buildings in the Speedy Architect Project.

2. Recreate a Famous Logic Riddle: In A Fox, a Goose, and a Bag of Beans Logic Riddle, students will use deductive reasoning to figure out how a farmer could carry his items safely across a river.

3. Create Unique 3D Sculptures from 2D Sketches: Students will begin by drawing shapes within the circles provided.

4. Explore Cryptography with Decoder Rings: Introduce young mathematicians to cryptography and ciphers with the lesson Cryptography: Sending Secret Messages.

5. Breathe New Life into Book Reports: Add some exciting design elements to your Language Arts lesson with Book Report Keychains.

For more 3D printing lessons, explore Quick Projects found in Thingiverse Education