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"With Math I Can" Movement Marks One Year Anniversary

One year ago, Amazon Education launched its “With Math I Can” initiative aiming to transform students’ attitudes about math.
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One year ago, Amazon Education launched its “With Math I Can” initiative aiming to transform students’ attitudes about math. Since then, more than 500,000 students and teachers have taken the pledge to approach math with a growth mindset. New members of the coalition include Sony Global Education, Mashup Math, Miss Texas 2016, Tiggly, Math with Matthew, Steve Leinwand, Lenovo Education and Clever. 

Districts have contributed to the growth of “With Math I Can” by challenging their students and teachers to eradicate the statement, “I’m not good at math.” Among them are Beaumont Unified School District, Encinitas Unified School District and Sacramento City Unified School District in California; the Public Schools of Edison Township in New Jersey; Lee Summit R-7 School District in Missouri; and Berkeley County School District in West, Virginia.

Learn more at www.amazon.com/gp/withmathican 



Math program gets high marks

   The U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) recently updated its online database of middle school math interventions and found only one program to have strong evidence of a positive effect on student achievement, with no contradictory evidence.

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