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Smithsonian and Lenovo Offer Free STEAM Activities

Smithsonian and Lenovo Offer Free STEAM Activities

The Smithsonian and Lenovo have teamed up to develop and provide free STEAM activities for students, along with teachers' guides, that combine the online Smithsonian Learning Lab and hands-on projects. The materials are available in the Smithsonian Learning Lab for educators who would like to replicate or adapt them in the classroom or in after-school programs.

As part of the joint initiative, the Smithsonian is providing training for Lenovo employee volunteers to facilitate the STEAM activities with students in schools and in after-school programs during their community outreach. A successful pilot effort with the Boys & Girls Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, led to next week's events in which they will be working with 1,500 students in public and charter schools in the Research Triangle-region in North Carolina.

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