EdLeader21 Announces "Profile of a Graduate" Readiness Campaign

EdLeader21 Announces "Profile of a Graduate" Readiness Campaign

Today, EdLeader21 announced the Profile of a Graduate (PoG) campaign to help prepare students for college, career, life and citizenship in the 21st century. The campaign’s goal is to have 1,000 schools and districts create and adopt a Profile of a Graduate by the end 2019.

EdLeader21 has developed a free, online PoG Toolkit that helps education stakeholders define what student success looks like in their own school or district.

The toolkit includes these resources:

  • PoG Builder: Any education stakeholder can create an online PoG to help define 21st century student success in their school and/or district
  • PoG Action Plan: Individuals will use the custom Action Plan to help build support from other stakeholders and ratify the PoG
  • PoG Implementation Guide: School and district leaders can use this to build consensus, support and adoption of the PoG
  • PoG Examples: A gallery of PoGs from the EdLeader21 network helps illustrate the variety of approaches being used by educators from across the country

To learn more about EdLeader21’s Profile of a Graduate, visit www.profileofagraduate.org.