Lightspeed Announces Corporate Rebrand and New Products at ISTE 2017

Lightspeed Announces Corporate Rebrand and New Products at ISTE 2017

Lightspeed, a Learning Company, today unveiled its new logo and corporate identity, along with its new Activate instructional audio and video platform. Lightspeed is expanding its focus to helping educators use instructional audio and video systems to enhance the learning environment in the areas of whole-classroom instruction, group learning, and collaboration.

As part of the rebranding, Lightspeed products are now split into three pillars: Engage, Activate, and Collaborate. Whole Classroom tools include Lightspeed’s Access Technology products: Redcat Access,Topcat Access, and 955 Access.

The new Activate product line includes the Activate Station charging and control center, portable two-way audio pods the size of a glasses case that double as handheld microphones, and the Activate App.

The new Activate App directly aligns with Lightspeed’s third pillar, Collaborate. Using an iOS or Android device, educators can capture and share audio and video in the classroom. Using the device’s camera, the Activate App syncs up high quality audio from the microphone or student pods, overcoming the inability of the device to capture high-quality audio beyond a few inches of its built-in microphone. Teachers can then easily share these videos with coaches and peers for feedback and professional development.

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