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Vernier Provides STEM Educators with Eclipse Resources

Vernier Provides STEM Educators with Eclipse Resources

On August 21, 2017, individuals across the United States will have the opportunity to experience a total solar eclipse for the first time in 38 years. To help science and STEM educators use the Great American Eclipse as a learning experience, Vernier Software & Technology is providing resources and tips for viewing the eclipse, and they are encouraging educators to share data collected during the event.

To safely view the total solar eclipse, Vernier is offering certified eclipse viewing glasses. Educators can purchase class packs of 40 glasses on the Vernier website for $16. Vernier is also giving away eclipse glasses to teachers (one per teacher) this week at the NSTA National Conference in Los Angeles, CA at its booth (#1625).

Vernier is offering information on collecting light, temperature, and wind speed data with applicable sensors, such as the Vernier Light Sensor, UVA and UVB Sensors, Surface Temperature Sensor, and Anemometer, among others.

To learn more, and to register to receive updates about the data-sharing project,