Benchmark Education Announces New Literacy Program

Benchmark Education Announces New Literacy Program

Literacy publisher Benchmark Education Company (BEC) has released Standards Close-Up, a literacy program designed to increase students’ performance in language arts, with student reading books matched to the specific standards they need to master. The new literacy program for grades 2–5 in print and online formats features specific reading books to address specific English language arts (ELA) standards. Standards Close-Up also targets science and social studies standards and integrates opportunities to teach and build genre writing skills.

The original nonfiction books in this program are organized into two-book topic sets, with each book covering a different aspect of the target standard that allows students to gain comprehensive mastery of the strategies needed to address it. Each set targets a specific informational text standard while building science and/or social studies content knowledge. Inquiry-based projects and writing skills are woven throughout each book to integrate reading, writing, and content instruction.

Standards Close-Up addresses the three key shifts called for by new ELA standards: Practice using complex texts and academic language; Finding and using text evidence in reading, writing, and conversation; and Building knowledge and vocabulary through content-rich texts.

Standards Close-Up is available in print, online, or blended (print and online) formats. The online subscription includes fully interactive e-books and instructional resources. A computer or device with Internet access is needed to access those components. The product is available for immediate shipment through Benchmark Education.

Standards Close-Up is sold by individual grades starting at $859. The price for the complete grades 2–5 print and online set is $3,825. The school-wide annual stand-alone online subscription for the complete grades 2–5 set is $385. Single-copy sets and individual 6-packs are also available for purchase. For more information, visit or call 877-236-2465.