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CleverBooks Announces Geography App with AR

CleverBooks Announces Geography App with AR

Last week at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany,the CEO of CleverBooks, Darya Yegorina, officially presented its ready-to-use Geometry Workbook for K-12 schools. The Workbook incorporates a free Augmented Reality (AR) learning solution. Yegorina also announced the launch of a new product, a free geography app with AR.

"I am very excited to announce the launch of our new Geography App with AR that will be fully finished in early 2018," said Yegorina. "Geography App will represent the whole world in augmented reality giving children the opportunity to travel the world through continents in 3D from their classroom or home environment: discover landscapes, play with the weather and seasons, learn flora and fauna, see the heritages that are under UNESCO protection and even more!”

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