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Montclair Public Schools Deploys 3D Printers District-Wide

Montclair Public Schools Deploys 3D Printers District-Wide

In 2015, MakerBot and Montclair Public Schools partnered to establish a district-wide network of desktop 3D printers, in each school, from the elementary level up to Montclair State University.

Montclair’s public school district is made up of 11 individual K-12 schools supporting 6,625 students. The task of modernizing curriculum and introducing STEM learning initiatives can be a massive undertaking for a single school, but it can be even more challenging for an entire district.

“We brought in MakerBot to provide consistency and continuity for the program,” said Dr. Joseph Putrino, Glenfield Middle School’s principal. "Reliability was obviously a big factor, we didn’t want to bring something in that would fail – but we knew we’d be successful with MakerBot.”

To meet Montclair’s need for 3D printing lesson plans, they use MakerBot Thingiverse Education, with lessons developed by educators. MakerBot’s Thingiverse Education portal offers a large collection of teacher-tested 3D printing lesson plans and a robust community of 3D printing educators.