Live from NECC: New Interactive Whiteboards

News from the National Educational Computing Conference:

Panasonic Communications Company of North America (PCCNA) today announced the release of three new-generation electronic Panaboards™ merging an integrated stereo sound system, advanced text and graphic capabilities, and a rugged enamel hard-surface anti-reflective screen, scratch- and shock- resistant.

Available in three panel sizes (diagonal) -- 64, 77, and 83 inches -- the new Elite Panaboards™ provide seamless PC/projector integration, onboard avi/wmv/mpg/mpeg/swf-compatible streaming media playback, spotlight mode for highlighting a specific part of the screen, and a screen capture utility that automatically records every operation performed on the board along with accompanying audio commentary.

Other advanced features include simplified, no-computer-geek-required driver and software setup, an ergonomically optimized electronic pen for mouse-like operation, from-the-whiteboard PC control with onscreen keyboard input, auto saving of text and graphics, and integrated drawing tools.

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