New data suggests better scores through tech-enhanhed teachers. - Tech Learning

New data suggests better scores through tech-enhanhed teachers.

Marzano Research Laboratory released results last week on student use of Promethean's interactive whiteboard systems. Click through for details and where to find the full report.
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Marzano Research Laboratory's study, released last week, examined the effects of Promethean ActivClassroom on student achievement. During the 2008-2009 school year, 79 teachers from 50 schools throughout the country participated in independent studies to determine the effect Promethean ActivClassroom has on students’ achievement in their classrooms.

The evaluation study involved 1,716 students in the treatment group and 1,622 students in the control group. In the treatment group, teachers used Promethean ActivClassroom to augment their instructional practices. In the control group, teachers used strategies and materials to facilitate instruction without the use of Promethean ActivClassroom. The specifics of Promethean ActivClassroom can be found at Promethean’s website (see http://www.

The difference in results?

Students using tech had a 17 percentage-point advantage over those without.

The big takeaway? It's not just about the tech:

The meta-analytic findings suggest relatively large percentile gains in student achievement under the following conditions:
• a teacher has 10 years or more of teaching experience
• a teacher has used the technology for two years or more
• a teacher uses the technology between 75 and 80 percent of the time in his or her classroom
• a teacher has high confidence in his or her ability to use the technology



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