New Digital Research Center

McGraw-Hill Education today announced the creation of its new Center for Digital Innovation, a research and development center focused on bringing to elementary and secondary classrooms the same digital environment that today’s young people have embraced outside of school. The Center will be led by McGraw-Hill Education’s team of former classroom educators, expert engineers and software developers who are marrying McGraw-Hill Education’s expertise in curricula development and record of developing digital education solutions with emerging technology to design new PreK-12 learning solutions.

The Center for Digital Innovation is developing digital platforms that are customized by state standards, district requirements, and teacher and student needs for true individualization. The digital platforms will allow teachers to instantly assess the proficiency level of a particular student – giving teachers data that allows them to tailor their instruction to the needs of the individual. From literacy to mathematics and science, the new programs will support all students – from those in need of intervention to those in need of additional challenges – with personalized one-to-one learning opportunities.

The Bothell, Washington-based Center has announced this morning two new products that will be available in August for the new school year.

• CINCH Project, a collection of Web 2.0 tools for collaborative learning projects, features a community-based Web site where teachers and students create digital profiles and participate in group inquiry opportunities all in a safe and secure Web environment.

• Planet Turtle is a K-3 social network where children can interact with their peers in a protected Web environment by developing online animal-based character avatars and completing learning “challenges” that progress as their skills improve.

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