New site allows teachers to share, for fee or free

SK Telecom Americas has unveiled Knoodle, a cloud-based e-learning platform for the exchange of high-value knowledge using multimedia presentations.

Knoodle brings together instructors and students in a marketplace where knowledge is exchanged for free, or for a fee. An individual, business, or school can upload videos and slide presentations, and synchronize them together into a webinar-like lesson using Knoodle's proprietary Play 'n Sync™ technology. The instructor can set their own prices for lessons and collect payment using the integrated PayPal feature.

Customers using Knoodle include Baby Signs, Livingreen, MySmartGolf, and the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

For Instructors

Key features of the Knoodle platform include the ability to upload video and audio, and slide presentations and then synchronize them together to create a rich, multimedia lesson. Knoodle also integrates email marketing and web analytics to enable instructors to generate and analyze learner traffic.

If a corporation or university is looking for a closed online instruction environment, the option exists to create a private group with custom branding.

For Students

The lesson is viewed using a dual-panel display, within the same web page, to enable video/audio and slide presentations to be viewed simultaneously. Students can participate in live office hours and IM chat; they can comment and ask questions to the instructor. They also have the ability to rate and review the lessons and instructors.