New Web-based service announced

My Web Lockers Allows K-12 Schools to Ease Into Web-Based File Sharing and Storage – One Classroom at a Time

Affordable New Service Offers Students and Teachers Safe, Secure, Anytime-Anywhere Access to Digital Projects

SAN DIEGO -- Feb. 3, 2009 -- My Web Lockers ( is a new Web-based service that was launched today to make it easier and more affordable for K-12 schools to begin using the Internet to store and share everyday projects, such as homework and class assignments. Affiliated with School Web Lockers (, the leading online platform for cost-effective, Web-based collaboration and storage for K-12 schools, My Web Lockers provides schools with an entry-level solution to their file sharing challenges.

“At a cost of only $5 per user per year, and with no set-up fees involved, schools can pilot My Web Lockers with one or two classes,” said Kelly Agrelius, manager of marketing and sales for My Web Lockers. “Then, if they decide to expand the service, the money spent on the pilot will be credited towards the set-up fee of a more comprehensive school-wide or district-wide School Web Lockers platform.”

The new service meets the needs of K-12 students and teachers who struggle on a daily basis with the basic ability to store, access and share files. Offering easy 24/7 access to student and teacher data from any Internet location, My Web Lockers provides each user with a secure, password-protected Web locker, or digital drop box. Students and teachers can start their work on one computer at school, and then stash it in their Web locker to finish at home.

“My Web Lockers sets the stage for improved success in the classroom by making it possible for students and teachers to access their data beyond the school day,” said Agrelius. “Best of all, the learning curve is very fast: file sharing and storage requires just a few simple mouse clicks.”

Teachers gain time-saving productivity benefits from My Web Lockers. They are each given a “homework” folder, which serves as a centralized online site for students to upload assignments for a particular class. The folder simplifies grading by giving teachers easy online access to all completed assignments, in a single location. Another advantage is that the folder can be used to store multimedia presentations and group projects, making it easier for students to work together in teams.

Because it leverages the convenience of the Web, My Web Lockers requires no investment in costly storage or server hardware, which also saves management and maintenance time for busy school technology specialists. In addition, it is only a fraction of the cost of the typical on-site storage system required for most schools.

File sharing with a Web-based platform is also safer and more secure than allowing students to use portable devices such as thumb drives or compact disks, which can threaten the security of district networks.

Additional features and benefits of the service include:
Students can store files and assignments to create a portfolio of work.
Schools can save paper by sharing assignments and projects online.
No sensitive data required, such as addresses, phone numbers, or social security numbers.
All files are virus-scanned before they are uploaded.
All stored files are backed up daily.
Powerfulcollaboration tools: message boards, calendars, scheduling.
Quick installationand worry-free system management.
Easy integrationwith existing school information systems.

My Web Lockers is now available and is priced at $5 per user annually.

About My Web Lockers
My Web Lockers allows K-12 schools to ease into the convenience of Web-based file sharing and storage, one classroom at a time. A division of San Diego-based Networld Solutions, Inc., and an affiliate of School Web Lockers, My Web Lockers serves K-12 schools and school districts across the U.S. with secure, easy-to-use computing solutions for students, teachers and administrators. For more information, visit or call 1-866-499-6527. For information on School Web Lockers, visit