Passive 3D projection system

Panasonic Solutions Company previewed a passive 3D Projection System (PT-PJ3D53) during the NRA SHOW 2011. This 3D projection package is designed for educational institutions and corporate environments as well as public venues.

The system relies on two PT-DW530U projectors to transmit video to the screen and deliver a unique perspective for a specific eye. Each projector lens is attached to its own polarized filter. The viewer needs to wear glasses, which do not contain any electronic parts and use passive polarized filters. The value of passive systems is that administrators do not need to worry about the loss or theft of glasses, which are cost-effective and readily available in the market today.

The PT-PJ3D53 3D Projection System will be available in Summer 2011 through authorized Panasonic resellers, at an estimated MSRP of $24,999.