Products and services to support digital classroom

Dell today announced advancements to its Connected Classroom learning environment with the upcoming launch of a number of new services and products, with the goal of helping schools to integrate information and communication technologies beyond the PC lab into every aspect of the classroom.

-- Dell Latitude 2110 -- The optional keyboard featuring anti-microbial protection now also includes a "tamper-resistant" design to help prevent loss of key-caps. For schools moving to digital textbooks the Latitude 2110 allows for screen rotation so that students can turn the netbook on its side and hold it like a book to read. The system starts at $389 USD.

-- Dell Mobile Computing Station -- storing up to 24 netbooks, it allows teachers or students to transport shared Latitude 2110's or 2100's from classroom to classroom, as well as including a wireless access point, device charging indicators and a wake-on LAN feature.

-- Dell S300wi Interactive, Short Throw Projector -- combining the capabilities of an interactive pen with this multi-purpose, short throw projector, teachers can make virtually any smooth surface an interactive learning space.

-- Dell multi-function printers -- The solution bundles a set of education-specific applications that provide print-on-demand bubble sheet tests, instant grading results (a server with Windows and additional software is required) and reporting.

Services Designed to Support Digital Content Adoption

-- Professional Learning Services to support the integration of digital content and Connected Classroom technologies, including platforms like BrainHoney, into daily teaching practice.

-- IT Simplification Assessments can identify unnecessary complexity within a school's technology infrastructure.

-- Cloud Consulting Services deliver ubiquitous interfaces, which enable teachers and students to access and share content in traditional and virtual classrooms.

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