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Program monitors and reports website functions is now using AlertSite's® DéjàClick(TM) Business Transaction Monitor to measure and monitor the performance of its Web-delivered curriculum and assessment platforms. uses DéjàClick to monitor its customer-facing applications, and test new pages, designs, and code.If response times of Web pages, components, or transactions fall below a set threshold, is notified immediately by e-mail, cell phone, SMS message, telephone call, pager, or desktop monitor. Reports, generated every half hour, provide a complete picture of's performance and availability, enabling the company's engineers to identify performance patterns, predict where and what problems might occur in the future, and take action to resolve and prevent them.

DéjàClick uses TrueUser technology to capture and record the Web experience from the actual end user's perspective. It automatically detects and adjusts for human think time, cookie-based form filling, differences between first-time and repeat users, network activity, third-party-generated content, and other RIA dynamics.

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