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Program promotes engineering as career option, supports students

The United States is not producing enough STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) undergraduates to compete in an increasingly global market. At West Virginia University, a STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program) project called "Engineers of Tomorrow" began in 2005 to bring more Appalachian students, underrepresented minorities and women to engineering as a career path. This large-scale project brings together the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, the College of Human Resources and Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, and The EdVenture Group, a private consulting and educational resource development company.

Several interventions have been developed as part of the STEP project's efforts to fill the pipeline with WVU engineering graduates, includingTIME Kits (Tools to Integrate Math and Engineering), a dedicated freshman recruiter, math and physics intervention courses to catch students with difficulties early in the term, an online freshman engineering course for high school students, a summer engineering camp, and a course for pre-service high school math teachers to learn about people who use math in their careers.

For more information or to watch a video about Project Step's impact on its participants,