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Projector with Networking Capability

Hitachi Home Electronics (America), Inc., Business Group, today introduces the new CP-X3010N 3LCD projector, which offers a brightness of 3,000 lumens, a 2000:1 contrast ratio and networking capability.

Additional features include 16 Watts of built-in audio, Hitachi's proprietary My Buttons functionality, and Closed Captioning functionality

Alongside the introduction of the CP-X3010N, is the release of Hitachi's Projector Management Application (PJMan) Version 7. This proprietary technology provides the functionality to control, diagnose and manage an individual or group of Hitachi projectors from a single location.

Other available applications include Hitachi's Projector Control Application (PJCtrl), which allows a user to control the functions of their Hitachi Projector through a toolbar on their desktop or laptop PC, and Projector Messenger Application software, which allows an administrator to send real-time (or stored) text messages that appear on the screen of the projector. Finally, campus security is enhanced through My Image functionality, which allows AV/IT administrators to transfer still images, such as emergency alerts, from a PC to each projector on the network.

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