Simple Wireless Projection

InFocus® Corporation, in partnership with Wisair, has released the InFocus DisplayLinkT Wireless system, which allows users to share high-quality, HD content and video with their audience at high-bandwidth speeds, without the hassle of cables. Presenters plug in the USB dongle to their laptop or PC and instantly connect with their InFocus DisplayLink-enabled projectors —no internet connection, wireless network, or IT assistance required.

The system uses Ultra Wide Band (UWB) wireless technology, in contrast to traditional wireless systems, which typically use an 802.11 frequency standard. UWB has a range of 30ft and with 128 AES encrypted protocol that makes “listening” for data very difficult outside of this range (i.e. through walls). Also, traditional 802.11 wireless projector systems only have bandwidth speeds of up to 54 Mbps, while the InFocus DisplayLink Wireless has been tested at speeds of up to 99 Mbps.

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