Simplifying Testing Time

Standardized testing time is a hectic time in most schools. Once the final student fills in the last oval, the educators' next big test starts: their race against the clock to collect, coordinate and pack all of the score sheets and testing materials in time for the shipper to pick them up.

Many schools have difficultly passing this test, especially those already working with small staffs and tight budgets. To answer this challenge, K2 Assessments has developed customized software, Assessment Management System (AMS). The software offers a comprehensive reminder system and follow up checklists, and it allows users to track an entire district or state without the hassle of plugging in a separate number for each shipment."K2's software is easy to work with. It eliminates a ton of duplicitous paperwork," says Sherry Hipp, testing coordinator for Florida's DeSoto County Schools.

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