SMART renames Senteo

SMART Technologies announces a new version of the Senteo£ interactive response system, now called SMART Response. The SMART Response system comprises assessment software, handheld clickers (remotes) and a receiver that enables instant responses on quizzes in the classroom. As part of a company-wide branding initiative, SMART is rebranding Senteo to better identify it as an important element of the SMART education solution and an integral part of the company’s product line. The software component of SMART Response now features enhancements based on customer feedback and a redesigned look that reflects SMART’s other education software products such as SMART Notebook software and SMART Sync classroom management software.

SMART Response 2009 assessment software integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook software and enables teachers to easily add questions to lesson activities. Teachers can compile questions and tests for formative and summative assessment and ask spontaneous questions to gauge students’ comprehension at any point during a lesson. Teachers also have access to several thousand questions that are correlated to state, provincial and learning authority standards on the SMART education solutions website. Existing Senteo system remotes are compatible with SMART Response software. The upgraded software is now available to current Senteo assessment software users by means of a simple download, at no charge. Usability improvements include a new design for the SMART Response tab in SMART Notebook software and better overall graphing features. The remotes that are included with the SMART Response system are receiving a minor cosmetic upgrade to reflect the new name. As many as 60 remotes can be supported up to a distance of 33 yards (30 meters) in a single classroom. The process for update notification and installation has also been streamlined. The software identifies updates needed and notifies the user, who simply clicks an Update button. Changes are then made to the software automatically. To download the SMART Response 2009 assessment software for Windows, visit Response for Windows. To download SMART Response assessment software for Mac, visit Response for Mac.