Software manages student reward accounts

uBoost, providers of online student performance recognition and rewards platform, today announced a partnership with oaSES, provider of online management software for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) providers. With this partnership, organizations using oaSES to manage their SES operations will now be able to differentiate their services by offering a branded student recognition and rewards program.

uBoost’s platform enables educators to award points for attendance, performance and positive behaviors, which are redeemed by students for relevant rewards.

oaSES is a Web-based management software system designed to streamline the workload of SES providers. Using the existing student data in oaSES, uBoost automatically creates student reward accounts and allows SES managers to automatically award points. Students can redeem their points online or off-line, choosing from thousands of rewards options. uBoost then sends the award within five days to the students home with no further action necessary from the SES providers.

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